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MetaWood Tree

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Project 02

MetaWood Tree

SOTheW: saver of the world

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Project 02

SOTheW: saver of the world


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The human being, despite the aspirations of nature, created in the example of theoretical perfection, the flagship of nature. He is self-conscious, evolving but destructive, creative and no other creature has such variety in colour, size, weight and intellect.

Wim Predhomme, born in Antwerp on November 5th, 1978. Creative person from his first breath sigh. Searching, finding, falling and rise again. Over and over again, during years, searching, exploring himself. Burrowing deeper and deeper into his own identity. Searching for the right touch, reaching out for the impossible not realizing that the right way, the correct target always lies within yourself. After numerous training courses, studies and work experience he realized that the selfsatisfaction could only be sought within himself by creating what he felt. Metal, techniques plus the need and urge to be innovative and to discover repeated itself and so it happened. His goal is to build and touch people’s hearts with this. Hoping that they will understand the foundation of the piece and can link it to their own emotions.

Wim Predhomme also makes pieces in consultation with the client on the condition that he can keep his artistic inspiration. A grinding wheel, a welder, a measuring rod and, above all, a good dose of philosophical input are the everyday ingredients of his work. We construct, not because we have to but because we are able to, and this as part of ourselves.

Angular pieces come back each time. Just because only planet earth is round and life can change in a jiffy. Without turns or loops but just in a corner. Leaving us flabbergasted behind. Without warning such as, for example, the natural disasters present themselves, such as impulsivity manifests.

The human being… the imperfection in the perfection of life. The human being as art of nature. Intelligence vs. emotion vs. instinct...